Get a Bomb Bed!

Dorms can cost over $13540, $14290, $14610, $11400, $13370, $14900, $15600, $15910, $12350 a year, and you can only stay part of the year. Renting a home or an apartment can be even more expensive. Get a Bomb Bed, share a room just like you were in a dorm and you could save more than 50%. 1 out of 8 participants will get to live in our microdorms for free or for only $250 a month.

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Want to Become an RA? You'd Get a Free Room for 1Y
We take GPA × Number of Referrals to determine who gets free housing.

What's Included

From providing high-speed internet, to being close to public transit, we've got you covered.

Room and Board

Some of our rooms are bigger than traditional dorm rooms, we furnish the rooms and common areas.

Close to Transit

Don't have a car? no problem. Our dorms are generally within a small distance to universities and transit.

Cable Internet and TV

We pay for all the utilities including high speed internet and cable. There is a TV in the common area.

Bi-monthly Dorm Cleaning

We pay for an outside house cleaning service to come clean the microdorm twice a month.

We take the measures to find you great dormmates!

Students from a veriety of backgrounds come to Bomb Beds. Although we are just a start-up, we have a large pool of people to go to when it comes to finding a group of people to put in these micro dorms. We try to make everyone have a common interest, be it be a hobby or a major.

Community Driven

Although we have general rules, most of the decisions you make in the space are yours or community driven.

Great Support

We are available handle things that may pop-up during your stay at the microdorm. Our support group is available 24/7.

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It's a pretty easy process.

*We can't accept everyone. We are limited just like a dorm to a capacity. We are a scaling our business.